BOO! IV Wretched Excess @BAHDEEBAHDU

Big appreciation to everyone for making BOO! IV Wretched Excess @ BAHDEEBAHDU two nights of steamy, fun, entertaining, gastronomic, generous, philanthropic, awe-inspiring, powerhouse, gravity-defying, lewd, sexy, scandalous, risque, delightful, unexpected, heart-warming, and scintillating decadence!


With special thanks to our generous sponsors:
Kline & Specter, PC
Avi Eden & Emmy Miller
Phoebe Haddon & Frank McClellan
Mike Ippoliti
Bryn & Jeff Michaels
David Lee Preston & Ronda B. Goldfein
Judge Frederica Massiah-Jackson
Amy Blackstone & Andrew Maykuth
Anne Taylor
Julie Foster
William Klein
Bebe H. Kivitz
Mary Ann Kleschick
Enid Vazquez
Ruba Club

And hugs and kisses to our performers:
Patsy Ratchett
Jeannie Brooks
Heath Allen
Brian Sanders’ JUNK (Jessica Daley, Teddy Fatscher, and Julia Higdon)
Miss Finesse Ross
DJ Sharyn Stone
Tony Violence

Photos by Contigo Photos + Films and Kartik Zutshi Photography