Justice Planned: Love is in the air

A client asked for help with completing advanced planning documents for him and his long-term partner. The couple planned to spend their lives together and wanted documents to prove their commitment to one another.

The trouble was finding time for the couple to come in for an appointment. As a flight attendant, our client had a work schedule that was always up in the air. Our client readily admitted that with a busy schedule, it was easy to put off the planning in the moment, but not having documents made him anxious.

After several weeks of scheduling and rescheduling, a meeting was finally planned and the documents were finished. An AIDS Law Project lawyer, paralegal, and notary helped the couple each complete a Will, living will, and a medical power of attorney.

We are happy that this couple can now soar through life, without the worry of not having their landing gear in place.

The AIDS Law Project wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day and we encourage you to plan ahead to protect yourself and your loved ones.