Justice Reviewed: A Quality Mystery

Our client called us panicked and fearful that his Social Security disability benefits were suspended.

He had received a letter from the Social Security Administration advising him that his benefits, which he had been receiving for two decades, were being reviewed. With previous reviews, he went to the local Social Security office to submit the requested documentation, but this time they refused to accept it. Instead, inexplicably, he was directed to send his original birth certificate and marriage license to Boston.

We put on our detective hats to solve the mystery. We tracked down the office in Boston. In our sleuthing, we learned that Social Security Administration conducts “quality reviews” to ensure that its rules are followed in awarding benefits. The Social Security Administration randomly selected our client’s file as its quality assurance measure.

We confirmed that his benefits were not at risk. We calmed the client down, reassured him that his benefits would continue uninterrupted, and made sure that his original documents were returned.