Justice Unspoken: Paying the price for disrespect

Our client hadn’t paid her rent and was facing eviction. She was ready to leave, especially after the landlord’s son attacked her spouse over the unpaid rent.

We represented her to make sure the eviction judgment was for the right amount and to spare her from the humiliating verbal assault the landlord promised to deliver in court.

After a hearing that lasted only a few minutes, the parties agreed the tenant would pay one month’s rent and that she would vacate immediately.

The landlord however, was not completely satisfied. She complained loudly to the Judge that she didn’t care about the money and just wanted the tenants out.

In response, the Judge ordered that the tenant pay only $95 court costs, instead of the $900 rent plus court costs, the tenant had agreed to pay.

With our assistance, the client saved her dignity and $900.