SERO Project Legal Fellowship at the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania (download)

AIDS  Law Project of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit, public interest law firm located in Philadelphia that provides legal representation, advocacy, and referrals to people living with HIV (PLHIV) throughout Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. 

The SERO Project is a national nonprofit organization focused on ending HIV criminalization, mass incarceration, racism and social injustice by supporting inclusive, people living with HIV networks to improve policy outcomes, advance human rights, and promote healing justice.

People living with HIV face a criminal justice threat for engaging in conduct that would not be criminal, but for their HIV status.  More than thirty states have statutes criminalizing perceived exposure to HIV. Prosecutions have involved allegations of non-disclosure, exposure, or transmission of HIV.  Pennsylvania does not have a specific law criminalizing HIV exposure or transmission,

although Pennsylvanians livingwith HIV have been prosecuted with general criminal law.  New Jersey recently repealed its HIV-specific criminal law, although alleged violations of general criminal laws may still be charged. 

SERO is sponsoring a fellowship at the AIDS Law Project to work on policy reform nationally and provide direct support for those facing HIV criminalization in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  

The Fellow’s duties and responsibilities will include:  

  • Participate as SERO’s representative at HIV criminalization meetings, forums, conferences, state coalition calls, etc.
  • Monitor Bill Track 50 for HIV criminalization, communicable diseases and sex work 
  • Perform legal research and draft memorandum regarding HIV criminalization
  • Draft and provide analysis of legislative bills and amendments for a variety of audiences
  • Provide “rapid response” guidance to PLHIV being prosecuted or concerned about prospective prosecution for HIV-related crimes
  • Communicating relevant legal concepts to diverse audiences
  • Assist local counsel in criminal defense, appeals, and/or commutation petitions on behalf a person living with HIV, as appropriate
  • Provide advice, advocacy, and direct representation, to the clients of AIDS Law Project, as appropriate
  • Attend weekly SERO staff meetings
  • Attend weekly AIDS Law Project intake and staff meetings

We expect to fill this position by December 31, 2022. 

To apply for this two-year fellowship, please send or email a resume and cover letter explaining your interest in helping people living with HIV to:

AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania
1211 Chestnut Street, Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA 19107


If you have questions, please email instead of calling.