Criminal Records Resolution

A criminal record may impact eligibility for both state and federal public benefits. Criminal convictions can also stop a person from getting a job, being admitted to a school, or renting an apartment.

An outstanding warrant for failure to appear,  fleeing prosecution, probation or parole violation or unpaid fines, court costs or restitution may render a person ineligible for TANF, Medical Assistance, SSI, SSD,  SNAP or subsidized housing.

Clean Slate is a Pennsylvania law that automatically sealed 30 million eligible misdemeanor criminal cases.  Misdemeanors not eligible to be sealed automatically, may be sealed by filing a petition in court. If a case is sealed by the Clean Slate law, you are not required to disclose it to an employer, school or landlord.  Once a case has been sealed, you may respond to any questions from an employer, school, or landlord about your criminal history, as if the offense never happened.


Clean Slate

Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record – Clean Slate is a Pennsylvania law that expands criminal record sealing to include more types of offenses, including some first-degree misdemeanors.

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