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2021 Holiday Card

Justice Housed: A woman and her dog

The 50-year-old woman living with HIV was on the brink of homelessness. “Betty” had been subletting a room in West Philadelphia from a friend who was not paying the landlord. The landlord got a judgment against the friend, who left before being evicted.Having used her Social Security disability benefits to pay the rent, Betty couldn’t…

Justice brought home

Early this year, we told you of how we restored home health care to a double amputee who was dependent on in-home care. Months later, insurance companies are still cutting back on home care – but the AIDS Law Project remains vigilant.

AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania and Brian Sanders’ Junk Present: Rub Harder

Justice Bugged: 79-year-old client gets a reprieve

They say not to let the bedbugs bite, but a longtime client contacted us after learning that his landlord would not renew his lease due to a bedbug infestation and an unauthorized occupant. The client, who is almost 80 years old, loved his Philadelphia apartment located near his doctors and friends. He didn’t want to…

Justice Escalated: Constitution requires payment on appeal

Last September, a Delaware County woman informed the Social Security Administration (SSA) that she was expecting $14,000 in a personal injury settlement. She told them about it again during an annual eligibility review in January. She also explained she spent the settlement money and was still eligible for her monthly disability payment.She got a response…

Justice Willed: Clinic offers all-day document preparation

Helping our clients to prepare advance planning documents has always been an AIDS Law Project priority. As the COVID pandemic raged on, requests grew for medical advance directives and estate planning.We had lengthy phone conversations with clients to document their wishes, but we were unable to finish the documents: Each requires two witnesses, and some…

Justice Written: Good Counsel Spring 2021 edition now available.

Check out the vital work the AIDS Law Project has done over the last six months. And while you’re there, don’t miss our staff selfies and sentiments about how we’ve sustained ourselves during the pandemic.

Justice Warmed: A little push goes a long way

One recent Friday morning, a young, single mother living with HIV placed a frantic call to our office. Her apartment’s heating system was broken, and she and her two children were cold. A day earlier, Philadelphia Gas Works had found safety violations in her furnace that needed immediate repair, so she contacted the property manager…