Justice Fixed: A handyman gets a helping hand

Our client, a 50-year-old handyman with HIV from Bucks County, was working in Florida when a boiler fell on him. His leg was fractured and he required multiple surgeries. He had been gainfully employed for more than 30 years and now was unable to work.

He applied for disability benefits, but his claim was denied by an administrative law judge (ALJ). With no income and no way to support himself, he moved home to live with his mother in Bucks County. Shortly after moving home, he was diagnosed with additional medical conditions.

By the time he came to us, he had already filed an appeal. After reviewing his file, we concluded that ALJ hadn’t erred based on the information presented, but that he should be awarded benefits based on the changes in his health. We advised him to file a new application, rather than proceed with an unmeritorious appeal.

This application was also denied, but we felt confident that he was entitled to benefits. We filed an appeal and represented him at an administrative law judge hearing.

After a 6-year struggle to receive disability benefits, he received a fully favorable decision. His disability benefits will be retroactive to April 2019. The handyman got the helping hand he needed.