Justice Networked 2: Electric Boogaloo

In late February, we announced the formation of the Pennsylvania HIV Justice Network, a statewide network of a people living with HIV, their allies, and folks representing organizations that could speak to legislators and policy leaders with an empowered collective voice for Pennsylvanians living with HIV.

The HIV Justice Network’s immediate goals include identifying current trends affecting Pennsylvanians living with HIV in both rural and urban counties, identifying communities that may not have been represented at the February meeting, and discussing how best to include these communities in the network.

Since our February 27 Justice Update, we have received numerous requests for information on how to join the network and get involved.

Sign Up for the Pennsylvania HIV Justice Network Listserv

Your email address will be added to the listserv that the budding organization will be using to communicate and plan next steps. With your help, the HIV Justice Network can be the preeminent voice for Pennsylvanians living with HIV.