Justice Networked: The Pennsylvania HIV Justice Network is on the move

Earlier this week, the Positive Women’s Network, the Sero Project, and the AIDS Law Project convened a two-day meeting in Milford, Pa. for people living with HIV and their allies.

The purpose of the meeting was to create a statewide network comprised of individuals and folks representing organizations that could speak to legislators and policy leaders with an empowered collective voice.

Among the objectives was identifying current trends affecting Pennsylvanians living with HIV in both rural and urban counties and identifying populations that may not be represented at the meeting and discussing how best to include them in the network.

After robust discussion, thoughtful consideration, and productive brainstorming, we formulated strategies and action plans that will enable the HIV Justice Network to become the preeminent voice for Pennsylvanians living with HIV.

Image of Milford, PA's HIV Justice Network
Pennsylvania HIV Justice Network in Milford, Pa. on Feb. 26, 2019