Justice Recovered: Vet avoids two evictions in three months

The 60-year-old veteran was frantic when he recently contacted us.

He was three months behind on rent and about to be evicted. He had represented himself when his landlord had taken him to court and he signed a repayment plan.

That didn’t go so well. He didn’t keep up with the repayment plan because he was struggling with drug addiction.

Our housing attorney immediately contacted the landlord’s attorney and negotiated a new deal. Our client was waiting for a one-time only federal benefit check to arrive that would cover the arrears. The landlord agreed to hold off as long as the man paid his current rent.

While hoping to stabilize his housing, his drug use became untenable and he went into rehab at the VA Hospital. But his efforts to quit using drugs only further complicated his housing situation, because it was difficult to be in touch with the client while he was in rehab.  Our housing attorney persisted and monitored the case, soon realizing the landlord was again seeking eviction.

The landlord was initially not interested in a new agreement. A difficult negotiation ensued, with more than 40 emails exchanged between the parties.

Finally, with the eviction just three hours away, a new agreement was reached.

The veteran was optimistic about his recovery, now that his old apartment and not a homeless shelter was waiting for him after rehab.