Justice Reflected: Looking back as we move forward

As the decade comes to an end, we look back fondly and proudly on the clients who have moved forward with their lives as a result of the free legal services we provided.

We think about the man living with HIV, who received an organ transplant after Medicare denied his request.We think about the Liberian refugee whose wife and children received green-cards in the years before the government lifted its HIV-travel-ban.We think about the 8th grade honor student denied admission to the Hershey school because of HIV, who is now in college and thinking about a career in international relations.We think about the woman facing multiple felonies as a result of sex while living with HIV, whose charges were all dropped.We think about the young man without a first name on government records, who now has a documented name and identity.And we think about the families at risk of losing their homes when their rent subsidy program ended, who moved to secure, affordable housing.May 2020 move us all proudly forward. We wish our clients, friends and supporters a healthy and happy New Year.