Justice Rounded-Up: ‘Change’ we can believe in

Our friends at the Mariposa Food Co-Op commit to sharing the wealth by offering their customers the option of “rounding-up” their purchases to the nearest dollar amount and donating the extra change to a charitable cause.

The AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania is grateful to have been selected as December’s Round-Up organization by Mariposa’s staff-led Education & Outreach Committee.

Through the support of member-owners and shoppers, and a matching contribution from the Co-Op itself, Mariposa raised over $2,000.

With $2,000, the AIDS Law Project can fully represent four clients in Housing Court disputes or appeal roughly four Medicaid denials from start to finish.

Successful campaigns like this show the power of grassroots community fundraising, and why we appreciate every donation we receive.

We are thankful for the support of the Mariposa Food Co-Op and their generous shoppers, and for being included on their list of organizations that support health and social justice.

So the next time you’re in West Philly don’t forget to head on over to Baltimore Avenue and say hello to our friends at the Mariposa Food Co-Op.