Justice Thanked: Our Cup Runneth Over


It’s not hard for the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania to come up with a list of things we are grateful for this Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for the donors, supporters and volunteers who help bind us to the communities we serve and make our work possible.

We are thankful for our co-workers and the sense of camaraderie and cooperation that fill our offices.

We are thankful for the opportunity to fight for equality for our clients.

But most of all we are thankful for our clients, who exemplify the true meaning of perseverance, courage and dignity, sometimes in the face of dire circumstances.

It is their courage, and their unrelenting bravery to challenge injustices big and small, that truly causes change and allows for social justice.

And it is their smiles and sighs of relief, their handshakes and high fives, their hugs and notes of thanks, that keep us all going.

To all of you, have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving.