Justice Thrifted: Philly AIDS Thrift Distributes $298,000 from selling donated goods

Last night, Philly AIDS Thrift, surrounded by beneficiary organizations, friends and admirers, distributed 26 checks to help the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Since opening in 2005, Philly AIDS Thrift has raised and distributed over two and a half million dollars from used clothes and books.

This year’s round of special grants comes to nearly $300,000, their largest since starting.

As a beneficiary of their efforts we’re grateful for their generosity and their community supported mission, but also for their ability to take something no longer wanted and needed and turn it into something sorely needed and badly wanted.

Their grant will help us in our mission to help those affected by the epidemic, but is also a victory for our community of service organizations as a whole.

We are grateful for their support and help – and recommend both of their storefronts, if you need a new outfit or book to read.