“Marriage and Public Benefits: A Buyer’s Guide” sessions begin 6/1

With the long overdue, never-should-have-been-enacted end of DOMA, we look forward to the sounds of wedding planning throughout Pennsylvania.

While the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania remains ecstatic about the end of DOMA, the right to marry brings with it an array of issues that need to be considered.

We are eager to help you navigate the new terrain.

Starting June 13, we will be offering “Marriage and Public Benefits: A Buyer’s Guide” sessions every Friday morning, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Appointments are appreciated, but not required. Sessions will be in person or over the phone, at 215-587-9377.

Couples who choose to marry, or those whose marriages in other states are now recognized in Pennsylvania, must make wise, educated decisions to secure their futures and avoid potential pitfalls.

How will marriage affect your income? Can you still receive food stamps, disability benefits or medical assistance?  What benefits are now legally available to your spouse?

Couples, or case managers who assist them, will need to consider how marriage will impact eligibility for means-tested benefits.

Other programs that a married couple’s combined income may affect include subsidized housing, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Women, Children and Infants program and Social Security Income benefits.