Obtenemos Justicia: Recibimos un documento de identificación de Puerto Rico

Our years of effort to obtain birth certificates from Puerto Rico may finally be bearing fruit.

Our clients who are out of care and trying to move forward with their lives need identification documents, which often begins with a birth certificate. For clients born in Puerto Rico, getting this document has been a challenge for many reasons.

Initially, Puerto Rico required proof that the certificate was requested as part of an ongoing legal matter, such as estate probate. Clients who couldn’t meet these criteria were unable to get birth certificates. Then, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.

Finally, with the assistance of Philadelphia’s Managing Director’s Office, we were able to make contact with officials in Puerto Rico who helped streamline the process.

Yesterday, for the first time in the history of our Identification Documents program, we received a birth certificate on behalf of a client born in Puerto Rico.

We hope this is the beginning of a productive process to assist our clients born in Puerto Rico.

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